Monday, May 20, 2013

Disney World Vacation ~ Part 2

During our trip to Florida, we packed up and traveled to Clearwater for some beach time.

digging in the sand, building sand castles, burying body limbs,

flying kites

and just playing in the ocean


Alexa said...

LOVE these pics. I miss it already, but its also kind of nice to have a nice quiet day at work too.

I am prepared to beg you for the picture of the girls if I have to. I want to make a huge print of that. You are so talented.

Hilary said...

You are so funny and thank you for the sweet words. You know I'll send you a copy!!

It is nice to have a slow day but kids are climbing walls after getting used to the constant activity. I need to get myself a full time job away from the house so that I may get a break, too!

Sarah and Drew said...

Beautiful pics!!

cindylou said...

Your pictures just captured every moment.....looks like an awesome vacation!