Monday, February 4, 2013

Summary of December

I have neglected this poor blog in the name of laziness! Now that I have an iphone, it's so much easier to snap a photo on the phone and upload it to facebook or instagram instead of downloading everything onto my computer and updating the blog.

But lets summarize December:

We decorated for Christmas and had a great time doing so

Quinn had her first Christmas program at school

She's hard to find but in the second row, towards the middle. Look for the pink cardigan and striped dress

Both kiddos were sick A LOT. Asthma issues and such. Yuck

We traveled, drama-free, to Kansas City first. I think this is our only family photo for 2012

We had a gingerbread contest, Alexa and Jason won with the house on the left

Celebrated Great Grandpa's 90th birthday

Celebrated Christmas chaos-style

Lots of cookie making!

We traveled to Nebraska

Got to hang out with cousins at cool places

Lots of dress up time

Celebrated Christmas some more

More travel on way back to Texas. Notice how bundled up she is? We NEVER have to do that in Texas. We left Nebraska in the morning and had a 40 degree temperature increase by the time we reached Texas at night. 

We saw a massive amount of Christmas Lights

And playtime is still going strong at this house!


Sarah and Drew said...

I hear ya on Blog maintenance! But thanks for doing it. What a fun whirlwind month!

Angie said...

Hooray! Looks like you had a fantastically busy but happy December!

Anonymous said...

If you have any with Grandpa Y and Great Grandpa Y, please email them to us.