Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January Summary

Quinn is all about dressing herself. Sometimes she'll ask me to pick something out. But that's only so she can eliminate that clothing item as an option (or so it seems)

They are loving their Christmas toys

The weather has been all over the board but great for the most part

It's snowing! Oh wait, it's 70!

Little man is still in a crib. He can get out when he wants to but doesn't usually try. We've been keeping him in the crib because he's a bit of a wild man. I'm afraid I'll hear him at 1am sneak down the stairs, take the ipad off the counter and over to the couch and start playing a game or watching a cartoon. I'm just not up for the training of staying in bed right now.

In other news, he's potty training. So that's exciting.

We've been making treats

and goofing around

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Cheryl said...

They are beautiful! Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful picture story. I miss you all!

Grammy Cheryl