Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Love Day!

We have been home this week sick with croup and on the last day decided to make some Valentine treats!

First up was the Valentines gifts for Q's preschool class.

play-doh! Too cute

Then we decided to make some pinata cookies.

Just sugar cookies stacked together with filling in the middle.

Q is an awesome baker

K slept through most of the baking but was able to help us at the very end roll out and cut a few cookies

This is also the first time he's slept in his "big boy" bed. Converted from crib to toddler... finally!

We made sugar cookies like we normally do

We also made a batch with cut outs

The you stack a cut out on top of a regular cookie and add filling. We filled with frosting and sprinkles

Then add another sugar cookie on top, using icing in between each layer as "glue"


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cindylou said...

you come up with the cutest ideas! Love the cookies.....and the fact that you take the time to bake with Quin - she will remember those times her entire life. SWEET moments Hil.....and so cool that you capture each one with photos......and the blog. I know it takes lots of time, but one day, when Q and K are grown and married with kids of their own, how fun it will be to look back and remember these days!