Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Snapshot (pt. 2)

Our dear friends Wendy and Will invited us to their family friend's house to see the train collection.

It's incredible. They've been collecting these trains for awhile and the collection is impressive.

Apparently, the gentleman who's home we were at started a charity years ago for the Ronald McDonald House. Every year you can purchase tickets to see the train display at Northpark Mall in Dallas. More information HERE. You can also google "Northpark Mall trains" to find more information.

But we got to see them displayed in his home, up close and personal! The kids even got to use the remote to move them around.

The tracks were set up for you to follow the trains ALL OVER THE HOUSE. Kellen was amazed and running everywhere!

We've also been busy with playdates and swimming. Lots, and lots, of both!

Here the kids set up "camping" in the living room which quickly turned into some sort of jumping game.

And here are a few, rare, photos of the kids at the pool. I'm usually in the pool with them, enjoying this time in our lives where I can relax the same time as them. It's been a long time coming!

These floaties are the best. I've seen them at Target and Walmart. Highly recommended.


Sarah and Drew said...

Yes those swimmers rock! I also noted a new tv and console. Coolio!

Madge said...

You have identified Liam's two most favorite things - trains and swimming! We had a blast taking him to a train museum here in Kentucky this summer. I think it was the highlight of his vacation.