Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sea Life Aquarium ~ Kansas City

And now for some of our Kansas City portion of the trip up north!

We got to visit the Sea Life Aquarium in Crown Center with the grandparents and aunt/uncle/cousins. They have a few locations across the US, Grapevine being one of them. But we've never been to the one close to our house.

This is a train caboose outside the restaurant section across the street from the aquarium. Kellen loves his choo choos. That's actually the face he's making, he's saying "choo choo".

The night before the visit, the cousins got to see Wizard of Oz on cable. (we forwarded the monkey part). They loved the movie and actually watched the whole thing. Kind of incredible for such little kids. So when Quinn spotted the Wizard of Oz lunch boxes, she recognized the characters right away.

I'm not kidding, this kid loves choo choos

Your kids tackle each other, right? I actually got a photo of him running full speed at his sister in order to tackle her. She thought it was hilarious. It looks like Jason thought he was going to kill her.

The aquarium is really neat, perfect for this age.

They got to peek into tanks,

and walk through them.

They could even look down on one of them towards the end. 

Lego also has a playland here that we did not see. None of these four are into legos yet which is good, because that place is expensive. But it was lots of fun watching the kids run around excitedly petting different sea life, watching the sharks swim by and getting to run around in general.

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