Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello Julia

During our Nebraska leg of the trip we got to meet up with my dear friend Angie, her husband Jason, and her sweet, sweet, daughter Julia.

Julia just turned 3. She has the best toys.

It was great getting to see my dear friend. I miss you Ang!

Luckily Ang and I get to keep in touch often through our blogs. Perhaps you've checked hers out on the right side: Runge Times.

I had to include the last photo of them making funny faces, too cute. As for the bear, I just happened to capture Quinn at the wrong angle, so I photoshopped this cute bear in the picture. Also, Kellen, mommy really needs to teach you how to smile for photos. We'll work on it.

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Angie said...

We are so happy you were able to stop by! In pictures, your kiddos are seriously cute! But in person? Oh my goodness ADORABLE! It was so wonderful to see you! I want to do it again, like yesterday already!!!!