Thursday, June 21, 2012

Texas Storms

Oh Texas storms. 

How you scare the living hell out of me.

Growing up, storms were exciting. The more drama, the more exciting they were.

But not anymore. Now I have two babies to watch out for. Never mind property that costs money every time a storm wreaks havoc.

While racing home one afternoon, babies in the back, we were trying to beat this storm headed our way.

The pictures are bad because I was truly watching the road, not the camera while snapping.

Kiddos hung out in our closet playing on the ipad.

After everything settled down, I let them watch tv in our bedroom. I still didn't trust that the storm was safe and I wanted them close to the closet. 

But I do love how they huddled together.

Luckily, this storm only produced small hail for maybe 10 seconds. High winds didn't ruin any property and no known tornadoes that I'm aware of.

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