Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day. We can't be with you today but know that we are thinking about you and wish more than anything we could celebrate with you and honor you in all the ways you deserve.

For all the projects you happily take part in, even when you haven't changed out of your work clothes yet.

 For your incredible "weekend warrior" spirit and always including the babies whom, more than anything, want to be your helper.

For always humoring the photo shoots

Even when they're extremely uncomfortable

For being the kind of daddy that every little girl and boy not only dreams of having, but deserves to have.

Even when it gets stinky

Or you're plain exhausted

Thank you daddy

And now for some Q&A

I sat Quinn and Kellen down for some questions about their daddy:

~Like to drink? Coffee
~What is daddy's favorite color? Purple
~What is daddy's favorite sport? baseball
~What is daddy good at? Painting
~Where does daddy like to vacation? camping
~What is daddy's favorite dessert? chocolate candy
~favorite animal? lion, cows, piggies and horseys
~favorite restaurant? Markets at Home
~What does daddy let you do? play outside and go fishing
~One day daddy will: go camping
~What does daddy like to do? watch tv & swim in a towel
~Name one thing daddy doesn't like: ears
~Name one thing daddy can't do: drink water
~Name one thing daddy won't let you do: go outside without permission
~What is daddy's favorite car? red and black together
~What is one thing daddy knows how to do? paint with colors and swim
~What is your favorite memory of daddy? swimming
~What color are daddy's eyes? black & blue & green & yellow
~What clothes does daddy like to wear? shirt, shorts, underwear, life jacket, swimsuit, and pants
~How old is daddy? 7
~How tall is daddy? 9
     ~inches or feet? inches
~How big are daddy's feet? so much bigger
~How smart is daddy? good
~How strong is daddy? only strong and bigger
~What is daddy's favorite flower? rose
~What is daddy's favorite food? beans
~Where does daddy work? at work

Happy Father's Day


Sarah and Drew said...

Love this. Jason you are a keeper!

Madge said...

I think Quinn and Kellen are very fortunate to have such a wonderful Daddy!!!

Debbie said...