Friday, June 15, 2012

Ft. Worth Children's Museum

Our first time visiting the Ft. Worth Children's Museum courtesy of Renee and her two little ones.

We could have easily spent the entire day discovering this place. But with two little ones, naps take priority. 

They did really well overall. Partied until 2pm like rockstars

Kellen and Audrey loved the bubbles

You can watch informative programs or even play interactive games in different areas throughout the museum. 

Kellen really loved this large ambulance. This kid adores cars, trucks, planes and trains!

The "grocery store" was probably the biggest hit. They spent a massive amount of time here. You can gather your own food and ring it up. The conveyer belt even moves!

Renee is so good about teaching and working with them.

This is the dino dig area. Outside you can use a variety of tools to dig through the sand for dinosaur bones.

Or you can just run through the dinosaur's mouth

You can build your own tracks and race your cars all around

Outside they have a water exploration area. You can aim and shoot it at objects (or other kids),

You can explore how it moves from one place to another. Or you can even learn to block and maneuver it.

Perhaps you'd just like to run through a large metal obstacle course?

Coolest lite brite ever

Learn to hoola hoop!

The wind tunnel was a hit with both kids. You can make your own crafty object and see how it works with the wind

or just throw beach balls above the blowers and watch them fly around.

For the last stop, you can make a paper airplane and place it in the "launcher". The track Kellen is standing on tells you how far you launched your plane. Or if you're Kellen, you stand in the track and watch the plane on tv. So cool!

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