Friday, June 22, 2012

Do you have a cool Uncle Fred?

This is cool uncle Fred.

Cool uncle Fred works at the fire department as a fire fighter and paramedic.

And you know what firefighters and paramedics have access to?

Firetrucks and ambulances!

4 kids and a fire station equals entertainment

They crawled in and out of each truck a hundred times. 

They played with every button, knob, stick and wheel they could find.

cool uncle Fred also turned on the lights

I had a photo in mind of Kellen with the fireman boots and helmet. 

But he wasn't sure what to think of the boots. And never mind the weight of the helmet!

So we let him back into the trucks to roam around

They got to visit two different fire stations during our visit

They even got to drive in a fire truck

Can anyone else see these little boys saving lives? Because I can.

Oh the fun they had playing "ambulance". Wyatt taught Quinn where the heart is on the body and how to check breathing.


This might be the coolest photo ever of these four. All sass.


Heather Benzel said...

Amazing as always! Thanks for snapping so many pics on your visit! The kiddos will remember have great memories with these! Love you!

Madge said...

Yes sir - that is one very cool Uncle Fred!!! What an adventure these 4 had - an excellent one at that! Great pictures and beautiful children!

Tale of a Super Hero's Mom said...

Reminds me of fun times spent with my cousins. :)
I heard a quote once that said, "Cousins are your first best friends!" I think this is true! Glad they were able to spend time together! They are all adorable!

Sarah and Drew said...

Yes, I have Uncle Fred envy! The cousin pic does rock!