Thursday, June 7, 2012


Quinn completed her chore chart! We let her pick a birdhouse and paint colors at the store as her reward.

You can find unfinished birdhouses at Walmart and Hobby Lobby. I assume they're available at Joann's and Michael's as well but I didn't actually look there. 

I have lots of acrylic paint on hand but since they're so inexpensive, we let her pick out two colors as well.

Just an old sheet that I use for painting in the garage, some old clothing, paper plate with paint, foam brush and the birdhouse.

Then I let her have at it!

She even asked me to join her in painting!

The paint washes off very easily. Just a bit of water and some light scrubbing. 

After Kellen woke from his nap we had him join us. Quinn helped him paint his birdhouse as well.

Painting didn't hold little man's attention for very long. He sort of kept himself busy in the garage riding the tricycle, running around in his diaper and waving "hi" to everyone that walked past our house on the sidewalk.

We let the birdhouses dry for a bit and then dad joined in to help hang them from the front yard tree.

Lots of fun and a well deserved reward!

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Anonymous said...

Great job Hil. I can't wait ti see what kind of birds you draw. Should be quite the learning experience for the kids. How lucky they are to have a mommy like you?

Grandpa Y