Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another Playhouse Weekend

Last weekend was spent almost entirely on the playset again. With the weather starting to warm up we figured we'd best get it done before it becomes unbearable. Plus, it was another weekend where we didn't have lots of other activities planned which is nice to have sometimes.

Quinn was in charge of hunting roley poley's. At one point, she had 22 of them grouped together, presumably fearing for their lives

She hunted under every brick, rock, and piece of wood she could find.

The playset now has the front boarded in, a window with shutters, and a planters box with a cute butterfly plant.

We also stuck the picnic table inside to give them a shaded place to eat

Both Kellen and Quinn helped me plant the single plant. I give it two weeks before it decides to die on me. I've killed every plant I've ever tried to take care of. So good luck plant!

Quinn really wanted live plants to attract ladybugs

I don't know if ladybugs will respond to it but I bought it because there were butterflies on it at the nursery.

 The new boards all need to be sanded and painted. I don't see it getting done right away, we're a little tired. But eventually we'd like to add some other things like a mailbox, flagpole, awning over the porch, and maybe a cute birdhouse.

But it looks good doesn't it?!

I would have totally played on this as a kid. Heck, I'm playing on it now!

Here are two of Quinn's friends, Claire and Paxton. Both of them live in our neighborhood which is great! I'm sure this summer will be lots of fun!


Angie said...

The playhouse is fantastic! The ideas of play their imaginations will be coming up with,

Deb said...

Looks awesome! :)

Cheryl said...

What a great job! And now I see the arches! So cool! You guys rock!

Anonymous said...

Such a great job, looks like you need electricity, then I could send them a snowcone machine or something :) Really, looks great!

Grandpa Y

Debbie said...

How much are you asking for rent? Think I might relocate.
Glad to see the picnic table is holding up and looks great. Great job Mom and Dad