Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Texas Western Day at School

Quinn's school was celebrating Texas and western clothing last week. Luckily, her grandma Fuller bought her some cowgirl boots at Christmas and this cute pink cowgirl hat last summer! Aunt Debbie got her the jean jacket last season and I think her aunt Alexa got her this adorable blue dress. (If it wasn't for relatives, Quinn would have worn normal clothing with a bandana around her neck b/c mommy isn't as good about the clothing!)

She wasn't so sure about it at first but after we got her dressed and told her repeatedly how cute she looked, she was super excited!!

  Kellen wanted in on the action too

That's right, downright giddy!

finally, I asked Quinn if she could curtsie. I think she did a great job at it!


Anonymous said...

Hurray for Grandmas. We ROCK

Sarah and Drew said...

She is a doll! Did they have dress up as farmers day for us?!

Sarah and Drew said...
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Debbie said...

Love it...Quinn is adorable!! Grandmas do Rock.