Monday, April 16, 2012

Grandpa Yoder's Visit

This last week my dad was in town to visit us and help me accomplish some stuff around the house while he got to soak up time with the kiddos!!

I was able to run a massive amount of errands, touch up paint in all the painted rooms, work on redoing some chairs (I'll post about in the future!), get the curtain situation fixed in our living room, wash the outside windows, mow and trim the lawn and landscaping, paint some trim in the house and a picnic table outside, stain the fence, etc...! Whew! I'm exhausted.

But I guarantee my dad is more exhausted than I am. He did lots of babysitting and he ALSO helped me accomplish these tasks. Plus, dad isn't used to kids crying in the middle of the night (or coughing from congestion), and the early hours they wake up. If you're around kids, you know they don't wake up quietly. I swear they jump out of bed screaming that it's "party time"! So on top of all the activity during the day, I don't think he got as much sleep as he would have liked.

So here are some fun photos from our last week:

We played with bubbles... a lot

We took lots of walks

The kiddos got dressed up and we went to church for Easter

 I even tried out the frozen banana ice cream recipe I found on Pinterest. It's awesome and super easy. No added ingredients other than frozen banana and flavoring if you choose. I opted for a touch of honey and everyone loved it.

Thanks for visiting us papa! We love you!


Sarah and Drew said...

How fun! Glad you accomplished tons too!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the children have more energy then I do. However, I would not give up my time with them for anything. Such a great family, always worth the time and travel to see them. Can't believe how well mannered these kids are, says a lot about the parents. Love you all dearly. Let's work on the photo shopping a little more. :)