Thursday, April 19, 2012

Annual Crawfish Boil

Saturday was the annual crawfish boil and this year we hosted at our house along with Team Pace (Will, Wendy and Liam)

Quinn was fascinated with the "lobsters". She learned to only hold them from the back so they don't pinch.

She loved watching them "dance"

 We ordered 30 lbs earlier in the week,

and Will was in charge of cooking them

The kids were fascinated with the whole set up

Jason said Quinn had twenty questions on why she could play with them and then we were eating them. Oh boy.

She refused to eat any

The kids loved playing with them

The party got off to a slow start as everyone had prior engagements that morning. But by mid afternoon, it was a full blown crawfish boil!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time, wish I would have been there.


The Meyer Family said...

Look at how big all the kids have gotten!! absolutely miss the boils, especially the garlic (I devoured them, we'll see if my kiddos love garlic was pregnant at 2 of the crawfish boils!)