Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let's Catch Up

Life has been busy and wonderful for us this year.

There have been lots of baths

A trip to the Flea Market

*Heather, this chicken is for you*

Quinn discovered how to completely wreck her room when forced to stay in it

Kellen enjoys turning the sink on and off

We visited the aquarium

We've been cooking!

And baking

We celebrated Valentine's Day with play doh creations

And some dancing. Yes, this is what we look like dancing in the kitchen


Angie said...

Yeah! So happy to see you back!

Tale of a Super Hero's Mom said...

I love the picture with Kellen on his tippy toes...sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Such a great looking family, what a hoot! Tell them hi for me.

Grandpa Y

Anonymous said...

Yay for the chicken! Thanks for thinking of me ;)

Debbie said...

Thanks....we were struggling in KC. Love it and all of you too!!!!

Madge said...

Love the pictures - the kiddos look so very happy!!! You must be doing something right ;)!