Monday, February 27, 2012

Edible Paint

The kids have been sick for over a week now. I've posted things on facebook about it so some of you already know. It seems Kellen caught bronchiolitis for the second time in three weeks. On top of that he has double ear infections, fever, bad diapers, and two teeth coming in. The kid is miserable. 

Quinn also happened to catch the cold and if it weren't for her asthma/allergy problems, it would not have been a big deal. But she coughs, and coughs, and coughs. So much so that she can't lay down and sleep. We finally got prescription medication to work for her by the 4th night which gave us all a full night's sleep. 

Kellen would have been fairly comfortable early on if he would've taken his medicine (benedryl and acetaminophen). But he refused and couldn't sleep at night either. We tried EVERYTHING you can think of to get it into his mouth without him spitting it out. He's taking his medicine now and is getting better. 

Both kids still cough up lungs every couple of hours which has prevented us from going anywhere public. We tried yesterday and I had to get them out of the store quick because people were staring through our souls. As of last night they both slept pretty well with one 3:30am waking for Kellen because his cough was so bad.

To get us through this cabin fever, I found a fun activity for the kids: Edible Paint.

Sweetened Condensed Milk and Food Coloring.

Mix ingredients together to get different colors. Quinn loved this.

Christmas ate up all our red dye. We only had green, blue, and yellow.

I don't necessarily recommend this activity for kids who don't know how to color on coloring books. It's super messy. Luckily, we were outside so it didn't really matter. But in the summertime, when I can just hose them off, it'd be even better.

 I think he did a great job of splatter painting to match the pattern on his jacket!

Quinn loved this. She also kept eating it. Since she's sneaky like that, this was probably a good choice of activity for her.

This also dries shiny which is kind of cool. I'm not sure I'd keep the picture long term since it is food.

On Saturday, Quinn was feeling so much better so her and daddy went to an indoor play area.

They have wall to wall trampolines, foam pit, slides, etc...

Jas said she ran into the building, stopped and looked at him, yelled "This is soooo coool!" and then ran off to play.

He also said the alligator scared her.

I really hope this cold goes away soon. We're so tired; tired of coughing, tired from lack of sleep, tired of being in the house!

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Anonymous said...

Your creativity amazes me, I will have to try the paint this summer! Did it stain the clothes at all? Hope everyone is feeling better very soon! Sorry it's been such a cruddy couple of weeks!

Love you guys!