Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy December!

Everyone else as busy as us?! I'm sure you are, I have no doubt. This year I've been making some fun Christmas gifts. It's taking up a lot of my time! I also had a chest cold that kicked my booty last week. It's still lingering but almost cleared up.

I don't have any new photos right now. I'm slacking. But the kids have been up to a lot lately.

Quinn has been suffering from her asthma for weeks now. Almost every other week one or both of the kids has some type of cold. It's very frustrating. And colds seem to trigger Quinn's asthma. After many doctor visits, two urgent cares, an ER visit and finally a trip to the pulmonologist, we have a better grasp of how to treat her. I'm not even sure she really had croup both times it was diagnosed. I think it was an asthma flare up. Either way, they're both treated with the same steroid. But if we had known it was her asthma, we could have seen the pulmonologist earlier and made her feel better.

She's still going to preschool two times a week and she absolutely loves it. She loves her teachers and her classmates. Although, she can only tell me two of their names and both are boys. Every week she sings new songs that I do not understand and she talks about subjects that I know didn't come from me. It's great watching her absorb all the information. My favorite right now is when she talks about baby "cheezit". That's what it sounds like when she talks about baby Jesus.

We just had her 3 year appointment with the pediatrician and she's doing perfect. Her height and weight have her at 97%. She's tall!

Kellen is a rockstar. Still growing and moving. And moving. And moving. He does not sit still. Nor does he like tv. Quinn loved Dora at this point. Kellen refuses to acknowledge that tv exists. I guess that's good. But I wouldn't mind 5 minutes to myself, just saying.

He's big on pointing and saying "that". He has also started nodding "yes" to communicate. Because of the positive response he gets when he does this, he's been very agreeable to everything mommy asks of him, ha! He's a good helper and his understanding is great. I can ask him to throw something away for me or to turn off the tv when we're headed out the door. Sometimes when I ask him to get his shoes he does it. Smart kid! He'll even tell us when he's ready for bed by going king kong on his crib rails or the gate to the stairs (lets us know he wants to go upstairs to his bed).

He's still our smilely little guy. Not much of a sleeper but he's happy!

Seriously, he doesn't sleep worth a darn. Not only does he usually wake up during the night, but he's up anywhere from 4-7am for the morning. And for some reason I can't get back to sleep anymore. So I'm usually up super early for the rest of the day. It used to make me angry, to be woken up. But I'm so used to lack of sleep anymore that I think I've just given up. I guzzle coffee and catch up on dvr.

We are very excited for Christmas around here. Since Thanksgiving, we've driven around to look at Christmas lights 6 times. Quinn wants to go every night. I find it's a great way to calm the kids before bed. So I'm game!


Madge said...

Sounds like a busy life going on! The kids are really growing and are at such fun ages. Remember - you can always sleep after the kids are grown ;) !!!

Angie said...

Baby Cheezit! I love it!

Heather said...

Sleep, what's that again? I have a 4 year old in my bed on a nightly basis! GRRR
Glad to hear everyone is feeling better, we're a little out of touch and in a war zone with the move but I plan on rejoing society just prior to Christmas! Love you guys, give everyone a hug and kiss for me!