Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Amazing Sister

I've bragged about my sister before... and I'm doing it again!

Heather works as a clinical research nurse for a hospital in Nebraska. She's been there about 6 years now (cannot believe it's been that long!) and her career seems to constantly hit new highlights. This weekend she's headed to a conference as one of their featured speakers.

Please check out THIS article on her and what she's accomplished in her position with the hospital. Seriously, she's amazing. And she's kind of sexy in that librarian way in this picture too, am I right?!

Great job Heather, we are beaming with pride!

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Anonymous said...

This is so very nice. Hilary, I cannot say how much I love your postings and doing such nice things for others. Heather, I hope you know how much your sister, as well as the rest of us love you and share the pride in your accomplishments. Hilary, this blog is to be proud of. I have seen many, yours is one of the most comprehensive and well done of all of them. Your photography skills and knowledge are awesome. I feel so lucky to have daughters like both of you.