Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Quinn


Happy birthday sweet girl. Today you turn 3 years old! You are an amazing kid and completely full of personality. A lot like your father truthfully. You remind me so much of him in every way. Even down to the way you eat, watch tv, attitude and most of all, sense of humor.

You are a smart kid. Alphabet, numbers, counting, animal names and sounds, cartoon characters, shapes... you name it, you know it. I'm always surprised at the information you've picked up on. Your teachers at preschool describe you as "mothering". Apparently, you like to help the other kids follow directions when the teacher doles them out. I'm not sure if it's the same thing as bossy but it's walking the line. And I love that about you.

You're confident and with little fear. Not much you're afraid of. Scary movies appeal to you (you get that from me). You're a climber and explorer. Your imagination is constantly increasing and it's so fun to watch and play the games you come up with.

You're still a reader but your tastes are changing. For awhile it was all about Dora, then Golden Books. Now you prefer to grab mommy's books even though they have no pictures. I'm not sure of their appeal but you steal mine all the time.

Lets talk about singing. Unfortunately, I think you've inherited your parent's singing voices. But that does not stop you from belting it out wherever, whenever. You learn a lot of songs at preschool and we get to learn them from you when you get home. Usually it's just a remix, a couple lines from each song you know all mashed together. But they're awesome, nonetheless. 

Here are some of your favorites:
Scooby Doo, Snow White, Cinderella, Cheetos, Fruit Loops, peanut butter & jelly, being outside, singing, reading, small doses of Dora, cupcakes, dancing, festivals, purses/bags and dolls

We are proud of you, Quinn. You're are absolutely amazing and we thank God every single day that you joined our family. You're an amazing sister and daughter. 

We love you,
mom and dad


Let's review how we celebrated Quinn's birthday today:

Celina had a balloon festival. The wind was pretty fierce and they cancelled the hot air balloons. But that didn't stop us from enjoying the rest of it!

Quinn and Kellen tried a funnel cake for the very first time.

A rare, tender moment caught on camera.

In what will always be remembered as a bad choice, I took Quinn on the swinging ship. Super excited at first, she quickly felt her stomach drop and put her head down for the whole ride. Although she didn't cry, she kept her head down until the ride was over. I was so sure she was going to puke. But she didn't. Not even a complaint. And when we got off, she wanted to go on another ride. I have no idea what I was thinking. As soon as we started getting high up, I remembered how intense that stupid ship can be!

To make up for it, she spotted the bungee jump. THIS she loved!

 And of course, face painting. She picked out the design all herself. Daddy tried to get her a different color but Quinn knew what she wanted. So red it was!

 How stinking cute is she!

 Also for the first time, cotton candy. I love this shot. 

And the kids love cotton candy.


Anonymous said...

I wish that a blog like this would have been available when you were young. It would have been a great way to document your growing up. Quinn has rare traits for as young as she is. Nurture them, show her the way, guide her, but never forget to give her some space so that she finds out who she is and where she wants to go. It worked well for my daughters. Quinn, love you forever.

Grandpa Y

Madge said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Quinn!
Fearless - wow - I am so amazed at this 3 year old! I won't even go on that ride!
Hilary, you and Jason are doing a wonderful job raising your kids! Take great pride in your accomplishments and your children's!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Miss Quinn......it is so much fun to share all your adventures and milestones. You remind me not only of your Daddy but of your cousins! Hope to see you all soon, give lil bro a kiss for me. love GAD

Sarah and Drew said...

Happy b-day Quinners! I wish we could've shared in the funnel cake and CRAZY face painting celebration. Love ya.

Deb said...

Such a sweetie! Happy Birthday Quinn!