Thursday, October 13, 2011


Sorry about lack of posts this week. The kids are sick with croup, among other things. Quinn started getting sick last Thursday night and was finally diagnosed on Sunday. That night was an all nighter of steaming the bathroom and comforting a very sick child. Then on Monday Kellen started getting a cold. Doesn't take much to see that he would soon be getting croup, too. So yesterday I took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with croup and an ear infection. This is his second ear infection in a month.

Truthfully, the kids have been sick with various ailments for the past couple weeks. Kellen had a reaction to his one year MMR shot and looked like he had measles. It was not pretty. Overall he felt ok, just tired from physically fighting off the reaction. And then Quinn was sick with some sort of stomach bug that stayed with her through the weekend.

So here's to a sick-free weekend. Both kiddos are on steroids for their cough and should be feeling better soon!

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Madge said...

Hope everyone feels better soon!!!