Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Super Duper Extra Fun Weekend!

 It's pumpkin patch time! And this weekend we made a trip to the Dallas Arboretum for their pumpkin patch and princess themed gardens! Can I just tell you how much Quinn's face lit up when I told her we were going to see where Cinderella lives?!

Kellen discovered his love for pumpkins. It must be hereditary because I LOVE PUMPKINS. And so does Quinn!

We tried to get a photo of the two of them. We really did. But little man was intent on walking and exploring. It just didn't happen in a "frame and put on your wall" kind of way.

And now for Quinn's favorite; Cinderella's carriage. She was so excited!

  See her fists in the air?!


We tried again to get a photo of the two of them. Kellen just wasn't feeling the pumpkin love anymore. He was pretty tired and so we put him in the stroller to snack and rest.

But Quinn was up for posing.

 Look how big some of those freakin' pumpkins are!

Each fairy tale castle had a book introducing the original story. These confused Quinn as she kept trying to turn the page. But they're flat pieces with no page to turn.

While little man rested in his stroller,

Quinn explored the castles!

 Towards the end, with the temperature hitting 90 degrees, we let Quinn run in the fountain. 

She cracks me up with that pure delight.

Kellen got to join as well but mommy was helping him navigate the slippery concrete and so there are no pictures of him face planting into the fountain. 

Also, for the first time ever, Quinn saw a movie in the movie theater!!! When we got home from the gardens, I packed her up and just the two of us went to see Lion King 3D.

I explained to her on the ride over how movies work and that we needed to be quiet so other people could hear the movie too.

She was a rockstar. We got through concessions and found a seat. I sat her down in the chair only to discover that her little body doesn't weigh enough to keep the bottom of the seat from bouncing up (like it was folding her in two!). So she sat on my lap holding the popcorn and we watched the movie together with our 3D glasses on. It was so fantastic. We got to cuddle and laugh and dance together.

I worried a bit when Simba's father was killed, but Quinn handled it really well. She ditched the 3D glasses about half way through the movie but didn't seem to mind the blurriness. Towards the end, she was a bit antsy and wanted to sit in her own chair. I just put my foot on it to hold it down.

I'm so proud of her. We really had lots of fun. And getting some Quinn and mommy time towards the end was pretty awesome too. I needed that.


Tale of a Super Hero's Mom said...

We love pumpkins here too...in fact Brian just told me we are going to get some tonight! The pictures of the kids are adorable and Emily would have loved seeing all the princess stuff! Isn't it weird going to a pumpkin patch when its 90 degrees?!?! :) And can I just say, I'm shocked this is Quinn's first movie!!! :)
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

We have another movie lover in the making, outstanding! Can't wait to see you guys again and to maybe go to a movie with her. Great job on the blog Hil!

Grandpa Y

Sarah and Drew said...

1) Were you the only people there?
2) They have some of the coolest/tastefully done gourd displays I've ever seen!
3) Two just seemed too few! :)
4)I'm glad you got a girls' date w/your daughter.
5)We're homeowners!!!!

Heath said...

Isn't the movie seat frustrating? We found out after ours that the theater had special seats for toddlers, helped to balance weight or something but it looked like hard plastic so not sure it would have been an easy sell! Oh well, it's a fun change of pace every now and again!

Madge said...

Looks like a very fun day for you guys!! What a neat place for the kids to visit also!

Love the pictures of the kids - they are so darn cute! (and the one with Daddy!)