Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quinn's First Day of School

Such a big day!

Quinn's first day of school at her new preschool. Two days a week, 5 hours each day. 10 classmates, 3 teachers and SO MUCH ACTIVITY!

We have been talking about school for a couple of weeks. We needed a new backpack, nap mat and lunchbox. Quinn also learned about her new teachers and got to meet them last week.

Waking up this morning she was excited! Getting ready went very smoothly and we got out the door without any hiccups.

But preschool only allows 1 hour for naptime. And our little girl is used to 2 or 3. She'd take a four hour nap if mommy let her. She even fell asleep in the car on the way home. Eventually, she collapsed on the floor by the couch. Don't worry, she was carried to bed for a short nap before dinner.

But she loved school. And that's what's important!


Tale of a Super Hero's Mom said...

Oh my...she must have worked so hard today! :) It will be a good experience for Quinn...and good for you and Kellen to have some one on one time! Don't blink though...before you know it, they will both be in school! I know from experience! :)
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl. I hope she loves school. Tell her that Gtandpa Y loves her.

Madge said...

How exciting for Quinn!! I'm so glad she likes it! Love the pictures of her!!!

Sarah and Drew said...

The nap mat pic is my new fav of Q.