Friday, September 16, 2011

Playroom Mural

What to do with our playroom's boring white walls...

I found this picture of birds on a wire on Pinterest. Cute, right?! Simple enough. Jason and I put our heads together and decided to make the birds 3D. And the original plan was to use yard or rope for the wire and to modpodge scrapbook paper onto wood cutouts for the birds.

 source unknown

I bought plywood at Lowe's for $6.

After finding the bird silhouettes I liked on google images, I printed them out and traced them onto my plywood.

I numbered each bird in case there was confusion later on. I haven't used the jigsaw that many times but I do know that it can be a bit difficult around small, round spaces. I wanted to be sure to get rid of any bird templates that I didn't think the jigsaw was good for.

Lots of birds!

After I cut each one out, they needed to be sanded.

I used 220 sandpaper because that's what I had. It worked great.

Then I pulled out my scrap paper. Lots to choose from. I wanted really colorful birds but also somewhat of a theme. I'm not really into chaos or messy (nevermind the state of the playroom).

I also numbered each paper bird to help me line them up later.

Then I painted the sides of the birds since I didn't plan on covering that part in modpodge and paper

Before I glued the paper to the birds, I wanted to figure out the wire part. Except, when I went upstairs, I wasn't feeling the wire anymore. So I switched gears and tried taping off a tree shape.

But this tree was ugly. UGLY

So back to the computer and Pinterest. That's when I saw this picture. Beautiful, simple trees that make a bold statement. True, a lot of the statement is made with color. And I do not have it in me right now to paint the whole playroom. But I think this shape would work nicely and allow me to add birds as well.

So I retaped

We have lots of gray colors in our garage. Our bedroom and Kellen's room are gray. And it took about 7 or 8 tries to find grays we liked. So I have lots of sample cans. I chose Benjamin Moore's Gray Horse (greenish gray) and Smoke Embers (violet gray), along with Sherwin Williams Uncertain Gray (dark gray)

I painted each tree a different color. It didn't take long at all. Then I ripped the tape off. Some of it wasn't on quite right and there are less than clean lines. (We also have orange peel textured walls). But you can't see the imperfections from across the room. It's also the kid's playroom, anything goes if you ask me. That, and my motto is: It's good enough.

The details are what really make it beautiful

Here it is from across the room

 I only painted three trees for this go around. I need to add birds. But I'm not sure about the birds I've already cut out. I want birds that are bigger, maybe a bit more majestic or at least with more detail. 

I've already started two more trees on another wall. I love the subtle gray color for these. It's not overpowering and still fits in with the color scheme in our house. Plus, it's a playroom. It adds a bit of whimsy without all the crazy colors that are plentiful through toys all over the place.

I'll update when I paint some more trees and figure out the bird part. Any suggestions?!


Anonymous said...

Truly awesome work honey, can't wait to see it on my next trip. Really brightens the place up. Love it.

Grandpa Y

Angie said...

It's fantastic Hil!

Heather said...

You freakin amaze me! How do you find time for all of this??? Looks absolutely beautiful!

Madge said...

suggestions??? are you kidding? Your imagination is awesome!! Could you just hitch a ride over to KY for a couple of days - I really need some help here!!! LOVE THE TREES!

Jeb said...

These look awesome.