Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kellen's First Birthday Party

Saturday we celebrated Kellen's 1st birthday. Bruce and Cecilia were here and helped us pull together the house, party and kiddos. It took a lot of work but we did it!

In honor of Kellen's love for finger foods, we made mini foods for the party. Many of these recipes I found on Pinterest. (Recipes found at end of this post)

Ham and Cheese Sliders. AWESOME! I highly recommend. There is a special sauce that is poured on top of these that really makes them incredible. 

 We also served Buffalo Chicken Bites but somehow I did not get a photo of them. They didn't last long. If you've had the dip, these taste the same but rolled in corn flakes. Cecilia made the ham sliders and buffalo chicken bites for me. She said when making the buffalo chicken bites, remember to make them a bit smaller before rolling into the corn flakes as that makes them even bigger. Ours ended up being about 2-3 bites worth each. Also, we used Frank's RedHot sauce which I think adds so much to their flavor.

Next up, mini lemon cupcakes. No secret here, lemon cake box mix and lemon canned frosting. Still delicious!

Lemon Chex Mix. So yummy. 

Stacy's Pita chips served with hummus

 Have to have a fruit bowl!

And of course, the awesome cake! I bought this from Market Street. Would have loved to make his first cake, but I simply did not have enough time. And look at this, it's so cute! 24 cupcakes frosted together to look like a cohesive cake, all in the shape of a number 1 in Thomas the Train theme!

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. For the love, you cannot go wrong.

 For treat bags, I found take out boxes at Walmart on sale. I filled them with the lemon chex mix, a dum dum lollipop, sidewalk chalk and topped off with a chocolate covered s'more. I'm a fan of the chocolate s'more. Super easy to make, just a bit time consuming. I also used mint chocolate marshmallows in the middle and mint chocolate candy melts for the outside chocolate. So delicious.

Having so many little kids over for a party was great. I don't have a picture of everyone playing in the yard but since we were blessed with great weather, that's where most everyone was. We had the playset with swings and a slide, the little playhouse, outdoor cars and toys, softball and bats, bouncy balls and the picnic table for people to sit at. It felt great to have a functioning backyard for all the work we've been putting into it.

And now for the cake smash. We gathered around and sang happy birthday to sweet Kellen. Quinn was a big helper and blew out his candle.

 He loved it. Hardly a hesitation before digging in.

 Later that night, after the party, we let Quinn help Kellen open his presents.

 He's just so overwhelmed and thankful for his friends and family!

Happy first birthday baby boy. We love you.

Buffalo Chicken Bites: HERE
Ham & Cheese Sliders: HERE
Lemon Chex Mix: HERE
Chocolate Covered S'mores: HERE


Tale of a Super Hero's Mom said...

Looks like a super fun party...I wish we lived close so we could celebrate together! And, I love the last picture of Kellen! That is Adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

What a cute little fella, love the photos and the detail you put into these posts. The kids are lucky to have parents like you and Jason.

Grandpa Y

first birthday photo invitations said...

So cute little kid, I so love your birthday party. A bunch of delicious foods.

Deb said...

I love all the pictures! Kellen is such a cutie! I love that last picture of him. You can just sense the excitement!

Sarah and Drew said...

So can you make me a batch of Smores sticks for my birthday...you have until Sunday! :)

Madge said...

What an awesome party for Kellen! Looks like everyone had a great time!