Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Girl's Trip!

Girl's trip to Austin, y'all!!

There are a limited number of photos to show you from the trip. Why? Well, because we were BUSY! Too busy to stop and take photos, I guess. Not only did we go to lots and lots of places, but we ate, and ate... and ate... and ate just a bit more.

Here is the rundown:

We left Friday morning and fought Dallas traffic for awhile. After getting "on the road", we stopped in West, Texas at The Czech Stop for kolaches. Lots of you already know about this place. But my mom loves kolaches so of course I had to take her here! They did not disappoint!

Then we stopped in Hillsboro to go shopping at the outlet malls. Um... no signs indicating what time they're open. But people were waiting outside the doors... um, when DO they open? We finally found a sign, not until 10. It was 9:30 and we were not about to kick around waiting for lame outlets to open. Sorry Hillsboro, your loss! So we kept heading south.

We did a quick jaunt into the Round Rock Ikea before hitting up Vivo's Mexican in Austin. I was excited to show them the orchid you get in your margarita. But, oops, that must be the LARGE margarita that they serve that to you? We didn't get one in our little margarita, oh well.

Then we drove all over downtown Austin, courtesy of my GPS. Seems the little GPS that couldn't was guiding us. All we wanted was a post office. First we were led to a library. Then it lead us to the place where a post office does not exist. Finally, after giving up and heading to our hotel, we drove past one. HA! who needs a gps?! (sidenote: just found out it was Jason's gps in my car. I KNEW mine had never led me astray!!)

The rest of the afternoon we headed to South Congress to look at shops before checking out the bats on the south congress bridge.

First up: Hey Cupcake! I've never had one of their cupcakes before. It was AWESOME! Dare I say better than Dimples or Sprinkles? I do dare say!

We're total goofballs

Friday night we headed to the south congress bridge to watch the bats. If you've never heard of this, it's the largest urban colony of bats in the world. I may have my facts twisted but I believe this to be true (without actually doing a fact check since I'm writing all this while my babies nap and we all know that isn't long!)

This photo shows how many people show up to watch it every night at dusk. And I only captured the ones on the bridge. On the grassy knoll where we're at there are many more people!

After the bats, we headed back to the hotel. This is where I'm going to tell you part one of a two part story. It seems Heather is famous in Austin. We haven't yet figured out why, but an 8 yr old girl on the hotel elevator could not quit gawking at her. I mean GAWKING. She stared so hard I about elbowed her parents. If it weren't so funny of course. And if you've been to Austin and done the people watching thing, you know Heather doesn't even register on the people watching meter. Unless normal is the new abnormal. In which case... whatever.

After cleaning up and making ourselves smell more like perfume than sweat, we headed to a tapas restaurant downtown, Malaga. It was great. And that pretty much ended our first night!

Saturday morning I took them to Magnolia restaurant on South Congress for breakfast. I'm loving their eggs benedict. And good thing, mom and Heath did, too! Then it was on the road to Fredericksburg and wine country.

Our first stop was at a roadside farmer's market. Mom got some sauce, Heather picked up some bread for our wine tour and I think I realized I may be allergic to lilac. It's not for sure, but I'm pretty sure.

The first tour was at Pedernales Winery. The sommelier that helped us was probably the best part. Don't get me wrong, the wine was fantastic. But he taught us all about the basics and even got my mom to appreciate a glass of wine. Lets not get carried away, she's probably not stopping after work to buy a bottle, but she drank MOST of hers (I helped with the rest). Thou shalt not waste wine.

The next tour was at Becker Vineyards. We didn't do the traditional wine tasting. At this point, we'd have eaten a goat on the side of the road (they really had them. I thought they looked like dogs though). So we each got a glass, bought a wedge of cheese and broke into that farmer's market bread. I think that may be one of my highlight moments on the trip. Just sitting, enjoying each other's company and fantastic wine.

Here is proof that mom had a glass!

After our wine, we headed into Fredericksburg. It was busy! We didn't get to see all the shops because of the people and well, we didn't get there until 2pm. So we wasted some time grabbing a table at a restaurant that we didn't even end up eating at. But we did get to do just enough window shopping to make us happy.

Oh! Can't forget that we tried chocolate covered pringles and bacon! Yes!!! chocolate covered bacon! I'm in love.

Heather even found a "Fred" shop! Or should I say, his tool shed

For dinner I insisted we try a little out of the way dive, Alamo Springs. I'd read about it online and it was featured in a magazine. Has to be worth trying!

On the way, we spotted Fred!

Can you hear my tires screeching as I yelled out "It's Fred!"

I backed that car up, I tell you! Then I made Heather get out and pretend to kiss him. Notice the barbed wire.

And back on the road to Alamo Springs restaurant.

As we pulled up, I said "That's it! We are taking a photo of the three of us!". So I set the camera on the hood of the car and set the timer.

Then we noticed lots of people pulling into the parking lot so we rushed it and said for the photo "It'll do!"

See the red hood of my jeep?

Okay, so here's the deal on Alamo Springs: yuck. We tried it, we didn't care for it. When I say dive, I don't mean it in a quaint way. That place was a flippin' dirty dive. I ordered the portabello sandwich. It was so greazy I found myself squeeging every single bite off in a napkin before eating. And I didn't even eat the bread. But mom said the burger was good, which is what they're famous for.

So we headed back to Austin. Of course when we arrived, I was hungry again. Portabellos are good but I needed more! So I took them to Home Slice on South Congress. First we stopped and shared another cupcake from Hey Cupcake! (Awesome 2nd time around, too!)

And this is where our part 2 of the 2 part story comes into play. Another little girl spotted Heather! We were sitting inside the to go part of Home Slice when a family, and little girl, sat outside the window we were facing. She was turned around and staring at Heather THE WHOLE TIME. So you know what I did? I took a picture!

Heather totally cracks me up. Her face adequately conveys "What the H.E. double hockey sticks is going on!" And the little girl looks WAY creepy! She was truly sweet. Kept knocking on the glass and waving, pointing, whatever she could do to get Heather's attention.

Who watches Disney? Is there a character that Heather looks like? We're stumped.

Sunday we drove back after getting breakfast at Kerbey Lane. Seriously, their friggin' pancakes are the best! Last time it was pumpkin (all time favorite). This time gingerbread. In LOVE!

And now back to reality. My kids missed me, I guess. I think having a weekend with their father was more fun than they're used to. Mean mommy is all about rules and schedules. However, little man is sick this week. Not sleeping worth a darn, either. But he'll get better eventually, right?

Can you see those red rimmed eyes? Gah. Sleep already little one!


Anonymous said...

Sounds fun! I wish I could take Jackson to see the bats...he would think that was the coolest thing ever! He wants one for a pet but of course I said no! :) BTW...Kellen is getting so big! Time flies when you're having fun!

Sarah and Drew said...

Fun times for sure! I want an Austin Girls' trip next! Please!!!

Madge said...

Glad you had a great time!

Deb said...

Looks like SO much fun! And I'll take you and Sarah up on the next girl's trip. :)