Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dad's Visit!

This past weekend my dad was in town for a visit. I can honestly say that we didn't do all that much but relax and just spend time together. Dad babysat the kids for me twice while I got to run errands and have an afternoon date with Jason. The kids got lots of time with their papa and Quinn even got to go to the store and have a donut with papa one afternoon!

I don't know how photo taking is going for everyone else and their 11 month olds, but Kellen is all about the open mouth in photos

Here he is popping up in the corner

Look at that, another open mouth photo!

At least he's smiling big in this one!

Quinn is practicing her cheerleading and Kellen is practicing with her... I guess

And now for Quinn's update. She has impetigo. On her face, no less. I only post this photo so that maybe someone else can reference in case their child gets it. She's had it for a week and I didn't realize that's what it was. We thought it was dry, irritated skin from her allergies. So we gave her an antihistimine on Saturday and it took away all the itching she was doing. We continued through Monday but by Monday night, it was spreading to her eye and other cheek. So I took her in yesterday and now she's on antibiotics.

I'm anxious for them to kick in because both eyes are infected as of this morning and her face is just covered. I feel for the kid. But she's doing great overall. Doesn't seem to be too bothered by it. She's an awesome little girl and even smiling through it all!


Anonymous said...

Had such a great time, love you guys so much. Can't wait until the next visit. What a wonderful family!

Granpa Y

Angie said...

goodness.. even with her itchies she is still absolutely beatiful! What a sweetheart! Hope she gets to feeling better soon!

Heather said...

How did she get Impetigo??? Glad she's feeling better!

Sarah and Drew said...

I'm sorry but Kellen's "man eating" facial expressions kill me!