Thursday, July 7, 2011

Swing Set for the Kids

Two weekends ago I naively accepted a used swingset from a neighbor. Even though we have the park across the street, we really need something in the backyard that Quinn can play on while Kellen is sleeping/eating/whatever. And she loves to swing and slide! However, new playsets are expensive and hard to justify when you have one so close by.

And we love projects around here! What's life like without 400 projects hanging over our heads? (seriously, what would it be like? we really do take on a bit too much at times). So when a neighbor posted a free swingset on our neighborhood website, I grabbed that baby up! The catch? We had to disassemble and haul off ourselves.

Luckily I married a man that is absolutely incredible. He went over there himself to take it down in the morning while I got the kids ready. Our old neighbors were kind enough to look after the kids for us that morning so I could help him as much as possible.

Here is Jason walking the roof part to the house. He didn't have to walk very far, it was just very funny watching him walk through the neighborhood with it over his head.

The parts are laid out in the yard while we try to figure what we got ourselves into

Here Jason is pondering if I should be banned from accepting free things in the future

And here he is, hard at work piecing it together while Quinn explored the slide

Quinn enjoyed some watermelon and pool activity, too

It's really a mixed blessing. A free swingset is incredible. But we don't have any help whatsoever to assemble it and so much of it was rotted out that he is basically rebuilding much of it.

Jason also has to build it himself because I have to watch the children. With rotted boards and rusty nails in the yard, they can't really be out there. Not to mention, we've had over 100 plus degrees everyday. It's hot. So he can really only tackle the project for a couple hours at a time before he's beat. And you know the kids don't nap at the same time. No, that would be too easy.

After working on it for 5 weekend days and just a little over a week, we really are almost there. A few more parts need to be rebuilt. Then powerwashed, stained and ready to go!


Madge said...

I just love to hear about your adventures Hilary! You two remind me so much of our younger days . . . I was forever getting Tim into some type of project, which, to his credit, go into willingly. It was later on that he thought I had lost my mind ;). I've learned so much since then - and I really don't do that anymore - which I'm sure, Tim is very thankful for. But, tell Jason it will be a few years before he will be done with 'the wife's projects'!

Sarah and Drew said...

Yay for super husbands! Wish one of our visits would've coincided to help out.