Monday, July 11, 2011

Productive Weekend

Hope your weekend was great. Our weekend was very productive! Saturday night we got to celebrate Liam's 1st birthday!! Happy birthday sweet baby!

We also got two large projects mostly knocked out. First up was the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs. I've been using an inadequate solution until we could get the permanent one up. Kellen had a few spills because of it. But now, after my crafty husband worked on it, we have a gate! And an inexpensive one at that.

The gate was Cecilia's that she gave to us awhile ago. All we needed to figure out was how to attach it to the two banisters. Jason wanted to drill into them but I really did not want too. And the banister solutions you can buy are $40 a pop. We bought one for the top of the stairs but it was going to cost us $80 this time around because the bottom has banisters on both sides.

After looking at options online, it occurred to me that we could totally build this ourselves! DUH. (again, if I had asked my mother in law, she probably could have saved me the online research time and we could have had this done long ago). But since I was left to my own devices, it took me awhile to figure out. Either way, we did and it's awesome. Granted, it could be prettier, but I really don't care. That's not my goal. After all, if I was going to start a diy blog, I would name it something along the lines of "it's good enough" or "it'll do". I'm not a perfectionist.

So here is what we came up with to avoid drilling holes into the banister:

Here is the final product. Not too shabby.

A close up of the banister solution. Two wooden blocks on either side held together by a long bolt with a nut at the end to tighten down. I put some felt that I had left over from a previous project on the inside of the wood to protect the banister. Then a long wooden piece was attached vertically to both banister solutions (top and bottom of each banister) for the gate to attach to. Make sense?

Here you can see the whole thing.

Onto our big project: The swingset. It's almost completely built! The photo below is of the swingset on Friday.

And here it is as of last night! The swings are up and most of it is complete. There are two end boards that need to be attached to the top clubhouse. Also, the roof needs to be completed. It came with one of those ugly green plastic roofs and we're deciding between building a wooden roof or canvas. Both have pros and cons.

We did change some of the structure. There was a climbing wall on the front but our kids are too young for it. Plus, it left part of the top clubhouse without a safety wall and we felt better having more wall than not. So Jason built an extra wall up top.

Also, the bottom only had boards on half and the other half was for a sandbox. Sandbox= dirty mess. So we built the entire floor in.

We have some ideas for how to pimp this thing out. But first we need to power wash and then stain it. So we're almost there.
And for fun, Quinn has been asking to feed the ducks lately. We have a pretty pond by the house. The ducks must be fed often because they are on us as soon as we park the car. They knows what's up.

On this particular trip, Kellen slept through the whole thing. Maybe because it was 100+ outside?

Quinn yelling "come and get me, duckies!"


Anonymous said...

Great article honey!

Angie said...

The swingset looks fantastic! The kiddos are going to have a blast playing on it!!!

Cheryl said...

That Jason's a keeper, isn't he!?!

Madge said...

The kids are going to love that swingset!! I'm sure it was a hoot watching Quinn with the ducks.

Thanks for updating us on your life!! ;)