Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Here is the fallen fence after it was cut on both sides with a jigsaw, sanded until smooth, and stained with 3 coats of stain we had in the garage:

I love the detail. The greenish hue is from the old gray paint that wasn't completely sanded of. It took this color from the stain.

Last night we installed the headboard to the guest bed. What do you think?

A 5' by 6' piece of old fence cut down to approx. 5' by 5' 6" and three coats of stain.
That's it!

My little "quirk" of the headboard. See... not really noticable.

Since the outlet is behind the headboard, it's not quite flush with the wall. To help movement with the top of the frame, we plan to nail a piece of wood between the middle vertical board and the wall which will bridge the gap. Jason simply put screws through the metal frame of the bed into the vertical posts of the fence. I guess it's lucky that the vertical fence posts measured the same distance as the metal railing (btw, this is a queen sized bed).

The room still needs color and personality but we're getting there. For now, the room is simple, natural, beautiful and full of window light. I love it.


Angie said...

looks fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks great, I will add all of the color and personality you need next week. :)

Dad Y

Jae said...

this is nice! good idea and execution!

Vicki @ The Sassy Pickle said...

This is fantastic. Well done!!