Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gma & Papa Visit

Jason has been working on getting our fence stained. It's still 100+ degrees outside. Has been for a record amount of time. My man is amazing.

And this morning we fed bread to the ducks.

Since we had to do it early to beat the heat, I grabbed McDonalds pancakes for the kids. They're kids, so syrup and butter not required.

Even Kellen loved them.
This weekend Jason's parents came to visit! While Jas and his dad went golfing, Cecilia, me and the kiddos went shopping. Quinn got to ride with grandma. Seriously, she was so excited to ride this thing!

Here's a photo of grandma feeding Kellen. Not exciting but I feel compelled to add it.

Quinn convinced papa to play play-doh.

Now that the swingset is up, we put the pool in front of it to slide into. It's pretty cool. I even tried it once. Super glad no one was watching. I went down so fast that I barely made it into the water. Sort of just skimmed over the top as I flew off the slide. Would have been totally embarrassed if it was anyone other than my children watching. Needless to say, It's better left for the kiddos.


Anonymous said...

Cannot wait to get down there in two weeks. Tell Jason, you and he did a great job on the fence, playground equipment, etc.

Grandpa Y

Madge said...

WOW - looks like the hot weather hasn't slowed the kids down for a second! Love the video! Now . . . could we have a video of YOU coming down that slide ;))) !!

Angie said...

I can't believe she went face first!!

totally unrelated... but my word verification? it's mangshiz. Sounds kinda like a bad word.. it's kinda making me smile a bit!!!

Anonymous said...

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