Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Memorial Day & Visit Up North

It's been a busy 2 weeks! Memorial Day weekend we were blessed with a visit from Sarah, Drew and their two boys. Sarah called me the week before and asked what we were doing, I told her to get to Dallas, pronto!

Of course, my photos are on my other camera which I have to find. It's packed away somewhere in my suitcase from our trip up north last weekend.

So on to the trip up north. We were in Nebraska to visit my family first. My grandpa was married on friday night and we were not going to miss that for anything! He married a very sweet and kind woman, Maria. My grandpa has found someone to spend his time with and we are truly happy for them both. I don't have a single photo though! I was so busy corralling kiddos that I didn't take a single shot. Boo.

The rest of the weekend was super busy and super fun. Saturday we took our family photos.

Here is an outtake photo that makes me laugh. Don't worry mom, there are others that are cuter. This was just kind of funny. Trying to get 4 children 4 and under to smile is impossible.

We also got some photos of our whole family which I'm still working on editing. Gimme time, nothing gets done quickly around here anymore.

On Sunday we went to Grand Island for Wyatt's 4th birthday! It was all about dinosaurs and spiderman. Again, not a single photo. Boo. But it was so much fun spending time with everyone and my niece and nephew are getting so incredibly big. They're gorgeous children and have so much personality. I just love them so much!

The rest of the time was spent meeting up with grandpa and Maria, my uncle Bruce and just trying to hang out at my parent's house. Quinn got to visit the park pretty often, my mom and I got the chance to see a movie, and the kids got to swim in a little kiddie pool.

So then we headed to KC. I have more photos of the cousins playing together in KC than I got in Nebraska. I wish I had more of Quinn and Kellen with Wyatt and Bella. Heather, that is our priority next time!!!

So if you have a Target store by you, let me give you the head's up to their $1 section right now. I don't know if it's true for all Targets or the ones in KC but they have the most awesome mustache, party glasses selection! Alexa and I found these and were all over it! We really wanted a whole family photo with everyone wearing some version of the glasses but it didn't happen... this time. I have saved them for the future though!

How awesome is this photo of Quinn and Addison? I LOVE IT

And this might be one of my new favorite photos of Quinn. She gives me this expression all the time. It's the blank stare/ generic response face when she knows I'm expecting an answer but she doesn't know the question. Too cute!

We really tried to at least get the 4 kids to wear the glasses for a picture but Cassidy wasn't having it. I don't have any photos of her from this camera, only video. Hoping that my other camera has photos of her because she needs to be represented! She is so stinking cute.

Since Cassidy walked off, and Quinn walked off, that left Addison and Kellen on the blanket playing.

Our last day there we went to Deanna Rose Farm in KC. Grandma and Grandpa are great sports when it comes to my photo suggestions! Look at Quinn's tiny head with sunglasses poking through. ha!

There is so much more to tell you about. I'll have to save it for another post!


Sarah and Drew said...

Love the Quinny pic w/the glasses!

Madge said...

AWESOME - love all the pictures!! You know - you really can never take 'too many' pictures!

I always have to check out the $1 bins at Target - it's a habit of mine and sometimes a great find! I do love the glasses on the kids.

Thanks again for sharing!!