Friday, June 24, 2011

Kellen's 9 Month Checkup & Lawes' Visit

This week Kellen had his 9 month checkup. He did great, this was the first time he didn't cry when the nurse and doctor handled him. He didn't care for his shot but handled it like a little man.

Wt: 20 lbs, 3 oz (40%)
Ht: 27.25 " (13%)
Hc: 45 (37%)

Our little man is short and chunky. Love it! He seems to have a peanut head, just like his sister. I find it funny, neither child looks like they have a small head.

And finally, here are some photos from Drew, Sarah and the boy's visit.

Remember when a blow up pool was all you needed or wanted?

Kellen is checking out Cole, stroller to stroller bro!

We took them to Ft. Worth Stock Yards to get a feel of the "real" Texas. Cowboys, longhorn cattle and horses are plentiful. The food is great too.

Everyday, twice a day, they drive through the stockyards on horse and hold a mini cattle drive.

Jason introduced the kids to candy necklaces. Sarah and Drew were a little more strict on the boys getting to eat theirs. Quinn on the other hand, would have fought anyone to the death had they tried to take hers away.

3 kids enjoying necks wrapped in candy

Sexy beasts, eh?!

This is the only photo out of all of them captured where all children's faces are visible.

Good Times!

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Sarah and Drew said...

Fun times! Love you guys. SFAM