Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Few More Pictures

The following photos are from my phone. I'm so sorry.

However, they have a story to tell. My children are getting bigger with every passing day. This is evident by their simple, day to day accomplishments.

While at the grocery store, Quinn insisted on carrying the basket. I appreciated the help.

She spotted a Mickey Mouse juice cup. Good one marketing department. Just at my child's eye level. Genius. How could I possibly say no to $3.50 juice in a Mickey Mouse container when my little girl is so adorable? (Marketing department, you owe me $3, that juice couldn't have cost you $.50 to make!)

But she's worth it
Then to my horror, I caught my just turned 9 month old boy, who has only been crawling for 3 weeks and pulling himself up for 1 week, climbing the stairs. I blame the phone. Standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking at my phone emails, I didn't see him start to climb. He got up 3 steps before I noticed!

We now have a diy gate at the bottom of the stairs, the banisters have a plastic sheet guard and I bought some more interlocking foam mats to cushion the hardwoods while he learns to move around through trial and error (lots and lots of error).

I apologize for the next photos taken on my phone. They don't in any way relay what we actually saw. They're form Joplin, MO. We drove down the 75 road this time instead of I35 for a different view. It's 75 miles shorter and we just needed something different. Joplin was on the way. You only have to travel a short distance into the city to see the devastation.

It's scary, frightening, heartbreaking, surreal, etc... Both of us had tears in our eyes looking at the wreckage. On some streets towards the outer part of the wreckage, you'd have the north side demolished, with homes in tact on the south side. It's incredible. I think what really hit home was the amount of tents by the river. Volunteers in town to help? Maybe. Probably lots of people without homes though, as well.

We didn't stop the car to get out and look. That felt wrong. It felt wrong to even drive through and gawk. To witness other's bad luck while we're in the comfort of our car on our way home seemed wrong. The photos are what I could capture quickly while driving in the car. We didn't even want people to see us taking the photos.

But it's not the ruined homes we were curious about, it was the destructive power a tornado can have. I was curious. I've never seen the aftermath. Now I have. Scary.

The building below was an Academy Sports Store. For those of you that don't have these, they're a superstore of sports gear. About as big as a Best Buy, or a Target. And now...nothing.

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Madge said...

wow the kids are really getting big!!