Wednesday, May 4, 2011


My mother-in-law, Cecilia, is a crafty and clever problem solver. I've told her this before, and she usually just laughs. However, Jason and I have adopted the saying "what would Cecilia do" when we encounter an obstacle.

For example, when we were moving into this house a year ago, Bruce and Jason were moving furniture in through the garage to the house. It opens to the laundry room and then into a hallway (two doors to go through that open towards each other). Bruce asked if we could hold open the door. I rushed over to hold it open, only to realize that my large pregnant belly was blocking the way.

I was stumped. There wasn't anything to put at the bottom of the door to hold it open, that would just be in there way as they tried to squeeze through. Obviously I couldn't hold the door open myself because I would be blocking the way.

And then Cecilia had one of her clever ideas. She grabbed a plastic bag (like the ones from the grocery store), and wrapped one plastic bag handle around the door to the garage, another plastic bag handle around the hallway door so that they were held open together. Voila, genius!

She definitely had it wrapped around the handles better than I can do.
I just wanted to provide you with a visual

There are many more examples to share but I think the example above sums it up nicely.

So the other day when Jas told me that he went into the garage to tackle something and he thought to himself, "what would Cecilia do", I pictured this in my head:
I would totally wear this and reference it often

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Madge said...

That is too cute!! And I'm sure Cecilia will take that as a compliment!