Thursday, May 5, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award!

Toni, from Breaking for Big Red has awarded me the versatile blogger award! This is kind of fun, and thank you Toni! She started the blog to journal their upcoming move to Nebraska. She is married to my dad's cousin and although we have not yet met (at least I don't think we have), I just know that we would get along famously! Not only is she a great writer, but I detect a great sense of humor as well.

For those of you that I am awarding the versatile blogger award to, there are 3 tasks to complete upon acceptance:

1. Thank the person who awarded you
2. Share 7 interesting facts about yourself
3. Award 15 bloggers you've recently discovered

I agree with Toni on the 15 bloggers, that seems like a lot. I only *know* a few of the bloggers I have listed on the side. Most of them I read on a daily basis but have never left so much as a comment.

I present to you, recipients of the Versatile Blogger Award:

And now for 7 pieces of information about me:

1. I have a younger sister. We fit the labels of older and younger sibling while growing up but we both agree that if you met us today, you'd think she was the older one. Somehow, my sister matured and I just sort of... stopped. I think it's a compliment!

2. I love salmon. Could eat it in any form for every meal. Almost. I tried smoked salmon once and had to end up trading meals with my father-in-law because it was just too gross.

3. I think in terms of photos and movies. Everything I observe is somehow "captured" in my point of view as a photo or part of a movie. It's an obsession. I'm just glad that most of the time, the movie is a comedy.

4. Goals are my motivation. Without goals I find life depressing.

5. I read. A lot.

6. Somedays, when life is going smoothly and a smile is plastered on my face, I want a third child. I think a third would complete us. Other days, when everyone is crying and bills are laying on the counter and sleep is a long lost memory, I don't want a third.

7. I plan to visit every continent except Antarctica in my lifetime. I'm not against Antarctica, it's just not a "goal". I've been to North America (duh), Africa and Europe. Next year, for our 5 year anniversary, we are going back and forth on South America vs. Asia. Any opinions out there? We're saving Australia for the future, when we have the proper time and money to devote to it.

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Heather Benzel said...

You are too funny! I just read this, I agree with your comment about us, not that you stopped maturing, just that we switched roles of where I would've thought we would end up ten years ago! Love you!