Monday, May 23, 2011

A Month of Firsts

It has been an exciting past few weeks in terms of "firsts" for the kids.

Let's start with Quinn. She got to see her first pro baseball game with daddy a couple weeks ago. He managed to capture a few pictures as they were getting rained out. She was able to enjoy peanuts, her new baseball glove and ball, and visiting with daddy's coworkers (mommy and Kellen stayed home). Jas said she loved it and did so well!

She's getting rained on and loving it

This photo makes you wonder if anyone else went to the game

And today Quinn finally had her very first haircut! This is 2 1/2 years in the making, people!

You can see how long and shaggy the back of her hair was. In the middle, the photo shows her enjoying a good read. And on the right, we have a new, short, sassy do!
The haircut place was recommended by over 10 moms in our neighborhood. It's right around the corner from us (convenient) and they had plenty to keep her busy. The stylist was super quick in cutting Quinn's hair. All while she enjoyed sitting in a barbie car, watching a barbie movie, eating a lollipop and being told how beautiful she is. Then they follow it up with a hairstyle, new barrett, painted fingernails, balloon, glittery star on her cheek, before and after photos of the haircut, certificate of accomplishment and a lock of hair in a baggie!

And since she was such a rockstar about the whole thing, mommy bought her a brand new book

She's reading the book before we even get in the front door

And now for Kellen's first: he's crawling!!! It's still wobbly but he goes forward instead of backward, that's an improvement! He's not fast yet so he doesn't really accomplish much. But give him a few days and he'll be all over the place!


Madge said...

WOW - I want my haircut done at this place!! What an awesome place! Quinn looks beautiful.

Two very adorable kids!!!

Sarah and Drew said...

Yay for fun firsts!