Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tutus are the Best

Quinn wasn't tired enough to take a nap yesterday. After finally giving in, I told her she could get up if she helped mama take photos. So we played dress up and she got lots of bunny shaped marshmallows as a bribe.

These chubby toddler legs kill me

She just doesn't look like a two year old. So serious!


Sarah and Drew said...

last shot is gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful little girl. She is smart, pretty and such a help. I miss her so much. Tell her hi for me, I will get down again when I can.

Grandpa Y

Toni said...

I am SO loving your photos! You have a beautiful family and such an artistic eye. Thanks for sharing!

maggie said...

love the last shot. and love the sweater. so cute. she is getting so big! why does it go so fast?

Madge said...

Love the pictures - and the model!!! She is really growing up fast!