Thursday, April 28, 2011

Garage Full of Good Intentions

In a nutshell, here are the projects that I've been working on:

We're painting our black frames white. I'm making a magnetic chalkboard for the playroom, I've converted a mirror from freecycle.org into a magnetic chalkboard for my office, and I'm making the white oval tray into a chalkboard for the kitchen. I know, lots of chalk talk (excuse me, I'm in a mood today. It's gorgeous outside and I'm feeling giddy).

Oh, and that gray silhouette in the middle? That's my project I'm super excited about. I just about thought of it all by myself. Almost...

See, I found a tutorial online about making a wooden silhouette to hold jewelry. Specifically, necklaces. And since mine are tossed in a canvas basket in the bathroom closet, I could really use something more... stylish.

The tutorial used an old victorian silhouette and they propped it on a desk. Cute, but I had something else in mind!

Since Quinn's hair has finally started to grow, I love the little curls that form at the base of her neck. And this isn't going to last forever. After her first haircut, they'll be gone. So I wanted to capture that girly cuteness somehow.

This is perfect! I took a photo of her profile, put it through photoshop, printed it out to size, cut out the template, traced it on some wood and jigsawed the shape out. Now I'm painting and finishing! I think I'll add a frame around it and hang it in the bathroom. When it's done, I'll show you pics!

Do you guys have this many paint cans in your garage too? It's borderline ridiculous. But I swear I use them all!

And here is what drives Jason nuts! My frames.
I keep finding them at garage sales for super cheap. Seriously, only $1 or $2 each!

The white one is what will become the playroom magnetic chalkboard.

It was originally a dresser mirror. It almost looks like Pottery Barn's version doesn't it? I'll show pics when I get it finished!

See the chandelier? (It's by the back of the blue car) I got that on freecycle.org, too! We don't agree on what to do with it. Obviously it needs to be painted. I'd like to put it above our table where the world's ugliest light fixture currently resides. Jas says it's too big. We'll see.

On another note: I want this cookbook

I've seen two different interviews featuring his recipes and I'm anxious to try them. I'm not necessarily on a diet, but I'm always interested in healthy foods. Betty Crocker is great but I always feel a little guilty when cooking with shortening. I think I even apologize for it when I serve the food. Plus, this cookbook on my counter would make for some acceptable eye candy. (what?! I'm married, not dead!)


Angie said...

oh!! what fun projects you have lined up! I especially love the silhouette idea for Quinn's profile!

Madge said...

Can't wait to see the finished projects!!! I love the frame ideas - I am always buying picture frames - however, I never thought of buying them used!!! What was I thinking?

Perhaps a project you could add . . . a bookcase to put the paint cans on ;) We always had a lot of cans also.

Good luck with all the projects!

Sarah and Drew said...

You go with your bad crafting self!