Friday, April 8, 2011

Decor For our Home

I've got projects galore being worked on in the garage and in the house. Last weekend we tackled so much Saturday that we lost steam come Sunday. This weekend we're pretty booked with social activities so I'm not sure how much will get done. The wainscoting in the dining room is so close to being finished. I need to sand and add one more layer of paint to the ledge and moulding and then Jas has to install it. That's about it for that one!

We're also thinking of hanging lots of photos in the front living room. But they need to be white frames, not black. That means more painting. No biggie, just time consuming.

Last Saturday morning I headed out garage sale-ing by myself, early in the morning. Craigslist told me of a neighborhood garage sale that rocked last fall so it had to be good this time around too, right?! The postings on Craigslist said they'd open at 8am "NO EARLY BIRDS"! Well, I'm often up at 5am to feed Kellen and don't see the point in going back to sleep when I can just kick it with morning coffee and DVR. But I had to wait... and wait... and wait... to get on the road to garage sale-ing. So I watched a movie. Finally, around 7am I decided to head out to the neighborhood and canvas until they opened. Um, hello people! I was LATE! The home owners told me that people started showing up at 6:30 with flashlights. So when I got there at 7:30, some of the good stuff was gone. Boo!

I did score some great stuff though. A white tray for $.25, an awesome mirror for $15 and a great dresser mirror that I'm turning into a chalkboard for the playroom for $2! I started painting the chalkboard piece last week, will definitely post when it's done. It's too cool.

Here is a rug that I found on overstock.com today that I absolutely have to have!

And guess what? I bought it! So excited to put this in either the formal living room or our bedroom. Not sure yet.

I found this gem of a pillow on VintageRevivals blog (see side bar). This pillow belongs in my house. It's not that my ego is big, it's that my sense of humor is firmly in tact.

Plus, it totally goes with our gray-themed bedroom.

The original idea for our bedroom is to use gray as the base color and add in... something else. I'm loving yellow. (Note: I'm not claiming to be original here. I just really love it!)

I found this pillow on etsy (Urban Fringe) . I love it. I love it. I love it. It's so completely me.

I think this would make a beautiful accent in the room as well!

In case we decide to use the zebra rug in our room, then these orange pillows have a fighting chance


Anonymous said...

I hear you on the garage sale-ing. I have one every year to get rid of kids stuff. Last year when I was setting up the day before the garage sale, I had people walking in my garage and shopping! What! Then I had to think up prices on the top of my head! I think it can be an addiction of sorts for some people! :) Have fun and I love yellow with the gray too! :)

Angie said...

ok.. if your orange pillows are by any chance from Swoon Studios on ETSY.. they are rockstar! I ordered some with giant orange mums on them and they just arrived today.. LOVE them!! Summertime deco here I come!!! Love the vibrant yellow pillows you picked out! Cant wait to see what you do!

Sarah and Drew said...

So this post is proving your IPAD love to me. Moderation is key! Fun finds all the same! :)