Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Papa and Grandma Fuller Visit

Jason's parents were in town this weekend.

The babies were SPOILED
We went shopping and had ice cream

Bruce and Cecilia even babysat the kiddos while Jason and I took our first date night in over 6 months!

On Sunday we had a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese (or Charles E. Cheese as Jas calls it) for a friend's 3 year old son. Quinn and old Charles got along like two thieves.

We tried a couple of times to capture a photo of the three of us. But the mini cupcakes won Quinn's attention.

On the way home I made Jas stop at a bluebonnet field by our house. These are sometimes hard to find but always highly coveted by anyone wanting to capture the annual bluebonnet photo of their child. I only had my point and shoot on me so I grabbed a few, quick photos of Quinn "hopping" along.


She's yelling "Hop" in this photo.



It's always lots of fun when grandma and papa visit. Quinn is still telling me all the things that she did with grandma and papa. Especially putting change into the piggy bank. She doesn't make me do it, I guess that's just a gma and gpa thing. But she tells me about it every time she finds a coin!

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Madge said...

Look out Hilary - I believe you have a 'free spirit' on your hands!! ;)