Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Lawes Family Visit

Last week Sarah and her crew came to visit us! It's the first time she's made it to Dallas. Since they moved to Arkansas from LA a few short months ago, the trip is much easier to make (6 hour drive). So here is our recap:

Our first day was a trip to Ikea. Sarah and the boys used to go in LA and they certainly don't have one where she lives now. So we paid a visit and bought a few cute things for the kids.

We also went to Target during her stay. THEY DON'T HAVE A TARGET BY HER! (the horror, right?!). So she desperately needed that feast for the eyes. Lets face it, Target is a beautiful shopping experience. Even if you don't buy much, it's fun to look around. And for the first time, I bought their popcorn. I needed Quinn to sit tight while we walked around. I should have poured her popcorn into her snack container instead of giving her the bag. She ate THE WHOLE THING. Well, pretty much the whole thing. That last bits ended up on the floor in the milk aisle.

Here we are at Target! Kellen is holding the bunny shaped marshmallows

The kids did great together. Little Levi is the sweetest boy. His manners are incredible and I love when you ask him a question and he answers with a yes. It's the cutest little "yes"! He and Quinn got along really well considering they're 2. We broke up a few fights, here and there, but overall they just played together.

Quinn is reading to Levi

Sarah made me take a photo of them *quietly* playing together

This is our St. Patty's day feast. Green eggs and green bug-shaped pancakes with slices of bacon. Oh yeah!

This was the first time I got to meet Cole. He turned 1 last weekend!! He is so super sweet. But let me tell you, he loves his momma! If she walks away for even a moment, that boy knows it and lets out a protest! But he did let me snuggle with him a bit.

Hi Drew!

On Thursday we made it to Paradise Pond. This is a great indoor play area in Grapevine. They're only open Thurs. and Fridays from 9am-11am. So you have to get there quick b/c they only allow 100 people at a time. The kids had fun and ran their booties off.

Here they are playing basketball

Over in the corner is my friend Renee with her daughter Audrey and little Owen standing next to her. You should see Owen play sports, he's amazing and only 2!

Sarah brought her Dance, Dance Wii game to play. Only Sarah can get me to play Wii games that I would normally scoff at. Each person dances along to the dancer on screen and tries to rack up points. The kids LOVED this!

Levi danced so hard he danced his pants right off!

*I have video of this that I would like to make into a movie but Sarah has demanded that she get prior approval since it shows her dancing. *

Then on Saturday, Drew was officiating a wedding downtown that Sarah and Cole went to. We got to take care of Levi overnight. We decided to hit up the flea market Saturday night. It's only open 3 days each month and I hate to miss it!

Here I am with Kellen and Quinn eating dipping dots. Levi dominates the silverware and had already finished his

Jason helping Quinn with the spoon

The kids loved the puppies

The Lawes family left on Sunday and I miss my girl already. It's so different being around a friend that you've had for years than the friends we make as adults. Sarah has seen every side of me, good and bad. She loves me anyway and I feel the same about her. She is definitely like a sister and I miss her so much. We have gotten pretty good about talking on the phone regularly which helps. Now it's our turn to visit her!


Sarah and Drew said...

Oh...such a fun time we had with you all! Thank you for being the bestest hosts. We hope a future visit isn't too far off even if we come to you again! Dallas is pretty darn cool!
Love ya SFAM!
-Sarah and fam

maggie said...

is it okay that i'm a little jealous! :) looks like you guys had so much fun and the pictures with quinn and levi are just way to cute.

Madge said...

well . . . if others can admit it so can I! I too am jealous . . . because YOU HAVE A TARGET!!!! Heck, I don't even have a Walmart!
I feel so abandoned, so isolated . . . so neanderthal . . . S O S!!! I need an intervention . . . soon!!!

Loved your post Hil - old friends are the best!