Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kellen's 6 Month Check-Up and Stats

Quinn is really into tucking everything "in". She gets into our bed during the day with two books (this is a rule in her bed b/c she will take the whole bookcase in there if we let her), and pulls the cover up to her chin. We even caught her tucking in her peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the wood floor with a large white blanket from the couch.

So I got some photos of her piling on EVERY SINGLE PUKE BLANKET WE OWN on top of her brother. He thought it was hilarious.

Monday was Kellen's 6 month check-up with the pediatrician. It started out great, he was my normal, smiley baby. But like every other pediatrician visit, he began to cry and scream just as soon as the doctor wanted to check him. He was crying so hard I had to show her a picture of him pushing himself up during tummy time to prove he could do it because he refused at the dr.'s office.

To help us get through the appointment as quickly as possible, I was singing songs while holding him. This helped calm him a little bit but he still cried the whole time.

Quinn on the other hand was quiet and obedient. She read her books in the corner and just watched as he got his shots.

So here are the stats:

Weight: 16 lbs, 8.5 oz (25%)
Height: 26 1/4" (35%)
Head Circumference: 43.5 (35%)

He's still our little peanut. Although I swear to you I have heard more comments about how big he looks. Apparently, it's all for show, because he just isn't that big!

And for the first time (for both kids) after receiving shots, Kellen came down with a fever. A couple hours after the appointment, he was clearly tired. What alarmed me was how lathargic and ragdoll-like he was. I picked him up to take him to bed and he was barely holding his head up. While changing his diaper, he was able to lift all limbs and grab for things with his hands. Because of that, I didn't rush him to the ER. It was a little weird. So then I gave him some Tylenol and let him nap. He slept quite a bit throughout the day but he still ate the same amount of food. Then in the middle of the night he was crying and burning up. Both Jas and I administered medicine and tried to calm him. Poor thing. But by the next day, he was good as new.

Oh! And just to compare stats between kids, here are Quinn's from her 6 month check-up:

Weight: 18lbs 11.5oz (95%)
Height: 28 1/2" (95%)
Head: 17 (75%) (this must be a typo, will have to look up)

Going through photos to compare the two kiddos at 6 months is an eye opener. Because my only experience with a baby before Kellen is everything that happened with Quinn, I find myself constantly comparing and trying to remember. For instance, I swear Quinn was starting to sit up by now. And apparently she was. Granted, the photo of Kellen is a few weeks old (I'm seriously slacking on photos!). But he honestly hasn't changed all that much. Just today I was testing out how well he can sit up by himself. A couple seconds at best. Which is fine, I'm not worried. It's just different.
I feel like you can really see the difference in chunkiness! Quinn was such a chunky monkey. Kellen feels so much skinnier to me than she did. And he is, in a healthy way. The doc said as long as he keeps the same growth curve she's not worried. He's a good eater, definitely a "milk man" as Sarah put it. He's also not spitting up quite as much as he used to. We still have some days where both of us go through multiple shirts. But overall it's so much better than it was even one month ago.


Sarah and Drew said...

Kellen has the best smile!

Anonymous said...

Such sweethearts, love them so much.

Grandpa Y

Angie said...

The smiles, the smiles they have! Goodness their smiles at 6 months are nearly identical and so bright and happy! Adorable tykes they are!