Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kellen is 6 months!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh, I almost totally forgot to post about my baby boy turning 6 months old today! That, and it's cousin Haley's birthday. Happy birthday sweet Haley!!

So of course I don't have a photo of him to post. I have this great idea for a 6 month photo but he needs to be able to sit upright. We're not there yet. He can balance on my lap pretty well and he dominates the bumbo. But without a little help, he quickly tips over.

Let's list a few accomplishments:
~He's a drool-bug. I swear he has to have teeth wanting to poke through soon because nothing in his path stays dry for long.
~He's become quite the awesome sleeper. His naps are 2 or 3 times a day for a decent amount of time and we are starting to take for granted that he goes to sleep about 45 minutes after his last bottle and doesn't need to be fed until he wakes in the morning. Now if only I could get that time to be closer to 7am than 5am....
~He smiles all the time. Simple as that.
~He laughs pretty often too. His sister can really get giggles out of him at special moments but usually a good tickle on the belly will do.
~Kellen is reaching for items pretty often. Mostly all the time, truthfully. If something is within his reach, he will reach for it with either his hand or his mouth, whichever accomplishes the task.
~He's also starting to put everything into his mouth. It's really cute when you hold him and try to drink from a cup. He wants a drink too!!
~He's still mama's baby. He does get really excited when daddy walks into a room or pays attention to him. But ultimately, he likes to cuddle with mama. And that's fine by me.
~His sister is the best entertainment to have around. He will watch her without blinking. Something about watching kids is fascinating to babies.
~He can also roll over every which way and has been doing so since 5 months. Super exciting accomplishment as this is what allows him to sleep so long at night. He loves to sleep on his belly!

We love you Kellen!!


Cheryl said...

Happy 6 month birthday, Mr. K! Wish I could see you! Sounds like you are growing like a weed!!!! I love you!

Grandma Y.

Anonymous said...

Wow...time sure flies by! I want to meet him so bad! Will you guys be coming back in June? Hope so! Happy 6 months Kellen!
Cousin Leslie

Angie said...

You are too sweet! I love his accomplishments.. drool... amazing how quickly one forgets about the copious amounts of drool babies have to share! Happy 6 months baby boy!!!