Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

We're not big on Valentine's Day around here. Never have been. In fact, the only celebration of it I truly remember is Jason making me dinner at home. It was a great dinner, don't get me wrong. And come to think of it, I remember at least two of them. One was lobster, the other was steak. One of those years, I don't recall which one (pre-babies), he was called out to work for a customer in the middle of dinner. No big deal, that's how it goes.

But for some reason, this year I'm feeling the Valentine's love. Maybe it's because I bought decorations for our shelves. Maybe it's because I have kiddos now and it's fun to make them Valentine's presents.

Speaking of gifts for the kids, I gave Quinn her gift a little while ago. I found cute tin buckets at Target for $1 (it had Tinkerbell on the front, Kellen's has batman). I put in some headbands, gummy hearts on a stick and a healthier snack for Quinn. Kellen's has a teething ring.

I tore one of the gummy hearts off the stick and gave it to her to snack on. I also filled her snack bowl with the dried fruit snack. Of course, the dried fruit is still untouched. However, while upstairs on the computer, I hear a small crash followed by multiple "uh oh"'s.

I go downstairs to find Quinn eating a different colored gummy heart than what I originally gave her. Also, they're all gone. There are no longer any hearts on a stick. I distinctly remember putting her tin on the counter where she "supposedly" couldn't reach it. There should have been 3 gummy hearts on a stick left. But, with a mouth full of gummy heart, a couple pieces around her lips and sticky hands, she gave me a big hug and said "thank you". How can I resist. Surely I cannot punish such an adorable creature.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day to all of you. You should be receiving a small package today, enjoy.

Grandpa Y

Angie said...

Too funny!!! I can just imagine how hard it had to of had been to not break out in a huge grin once you figured out what was going on!!! Happy Love Day!