Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Grandpa's Visit, Oranges, Cupcakes and Snow Days!

We have been baking fools around here. I love to bake. I'm not that good, but I love it. So this weekend when Quinn kept asking for cupcakes, I obliged.

Here she is helping me put the sprinkles on our mini cupcakes
Not sure why, I just felt like putting it on her nose. She loved it, of course!

Not a great photo, it was taken with my point and shoot. And the pumpkin wrappers were the only mini wrappers I had on hand. I did try out a buttercream frosting recipe I found online. I won't even give you the recipe. It was so sugary tasting. Since they were mini and essentially one biters, not too big of a deal. But had I tried to frost a regular sized cupcake with this recipe, it may have been borderline gross.

Are you loving these oranges as much as I am?!

This past weekend my grandpa came to visit us! He's only been able to visit us once before so this was truly a treat.

Since just after Christmas he has been down in McAllen, TX with a buddy enjoying the warm weather. His friend has a vacation spot there and apparently, orange trees! Grandpa picked so many of them that he gifted us with an entire sack full. I've had this odd shaped bowl for quite some time and thought they'd look great displayed in it. Too bad they're real and won't last long. I just love the rough, dirty texture and that one stem poking out. Around here, we just don't have fresh oranges. And let me add, they are the best oranges I've ever tasted . No tartness, just sweet. If only I had a juicer!

So Quinn warmed up to grandpa quickly. She can't say "grandpa" but says "papa" instead. The emphasis is on the second "pa" which makes it sound a bit european. Very cute.

She also performed dance moves and some singing for us that night. If you try to sing with her, she throws her hand out in front and yells "no thank you!" She's a solo act.

Kellen also showed off for grandpa. While Quinn was performing, he decided to poo all over me. The darn diaper didn't win any awards that night and I'm still not sure my sweater will ever be wearable again. Welcome to a typical night at our casa!

Here Quinn is teaching papa how to sleep on the stairs. He is kindly playing along.

*note* we don't actually let her sleep on the stairs

Grandpa only got to stay one night but we really appreciate that he stopped to visit with us and spend some quality time. It really means a lot and we were so happy to have him here!

And now for a weather update: it's frickin' cold! But anyone living in America doesn't need me to tell them that. And we can't even complain compared to those of you living up north. But since Dallas isn't equipped for this kind of weather, the whole city shuts down. Literally. Instead of just having school closings on the news ticker, it says "city shut down" for individual cities. I think that's funny.

So we have been homebound since Monday night. I still love snow days even though I'm a stay at home mom and didn't have to necessarily be anywhere. The schools are even shut down for tomorrow which will be day 3!

Stay warm!


Anonymous said...

This post is great. I will show Great grandpa when I see him next week. He loves his grandkids and great grandkids more than you will ever know.

Grandpa Y

Angie said...

Quinn's hair!!! Oh my goodness! It's getting so long and thick! Silly to notice that with all the wonderful shots of her and Great Grandpa!!

Madge said...

Hilary - you know how much I love your blog - but, I have to say this one tops them all. The pictures of 'Papa' and Quinn are so very precious. Thank you so very much for sharing them with us!!!