Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fuller Children Photos!

Look! It's a photo of the kids!

Of course they are not looking at me or each other. But they're both in the same photo. Amazing!

And Quinn isn't picking her nose.

What do you think about her hair? Pretty fantastic, huh?! We refer to those hairdo's as "Q do's". She sports a sassy new one everyday after nap. Here is another that is definitely my favorite:

You too can easily acquire this look. A little sweat and sleeping in the same position for 3 hours should do ya!


Angie said...

Goodness your babies are cuties!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Hil. Can't wait to see the little turkeys next week.

Grandpa Y

Sarah and Drew said...

Kellen is such an alert baby! Quinn is such a diva!