Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Working on Home Projects

Jason and I finally have some inspiration on how to decorate this house of ours. And since most of it consists of construction projects, his "honey do" list is quite long.

We started one of those projects this past weekend. In the front area of the house, we're still a little undecided what to do with it. It's technically a dining room. But it's a pretty perfect studio. However, I haven't been working much with the two kids so it would also be a perfect sitting room. Until we figure out what we want to do with it, we're putting up wainscoting. Everything we read makes it look super easy and fast. But here is what we discovered: nothing is easy and fast when you're doing it for the first time, ha!

The time consuming issue on this project is that we have textured walls. We want a smooth surface on the wainscoting so Jason is having to put up board on the entire bottom half of the wall. Not such a big deal, just lots of measuring, trading out warped boards for straight ones, etc...

Here are a few photos of Jas and his helper Quinn. She was his shadow the entire time.

She used the hammer to pound in the nails (and we'll use the putty to smooth out the dents).

She measured and everything measures out to be "two" according to her. This is her discussing the measurements with daddy.

And Kellen? Well, he just (literally) kicked it all weekend while mommy worked on her own projects!

I'll post pictures when it's completed!


Anonymous said...

What a little helper she is! I can tell that she will truly be a great help someday. Kellen is cute as always. Too bad we never get photos of mommy....

Love ya

Grandpa Y

Cheryl said...

How cute!! I miss you all so much! When Quinny is done there, she can come help grandma work on this house!