Sunday, January 30, 2011

To All the Parents with Toddlers!!

Please help us find a double stroller! I'm pulling my hair and screaming this at the top of my lungs!

Okay, so we went to bye bye baby and babies r us this weekend to find a double stroller. We could not find one that made any sense for Quinn and her baby brother. I had my sights set on the baby trend sit 'n' stand. But neither design is set up for a kid Quinn's size. They only go up to 40 pounds on each seat and I think 40" tall. Quinn is about there. So that won't work.

We also looked at other options with stadium seating and regular seating. The regular seating doesn't look like Quinn sits up high enough before her feet are dragging on the ground. The stadium seating looked like she'll be repeatedly kicking her brother in the back (or vise versa if we put him back there). So does that ONLY leave the side by side stroller option? How do you get that thing through a store? I have problems getting through pottery barn and Carter's with the single stroller as-is!

Also, I'm not shelling out a bunch of bucks for this stupid thing! I'm so frustrated right now I could kick something!

Does anyone have a tall toddler and infant AND love their double stroller?!


maggie said...

i have a joovy stroller for my kiddos. i have really enjoyed it. it is no bigger than a lot of the single strollers on the market and not really that heavy! i would totally recommend it!

Anonymous said...

Karlette has one that Brecken stood on last year when we went to florida and Neliyah sat up front. Ask her if she likes hers! :)